EntroPay deposit guide

An EntroPay VISA Card is a prepaid, reusable, on-screen debit card that allows you to fund your account immediately and whenever you want. You can also create one or more EntroPay VISA Cards that can be used anywhere VISA is accepted online.

You add funds to your EntroPay VISA Card using your personal credit or debit card. This is done during registration, so your EntroPay VISA can be used straight away. After that you may add more funds to it whenever you need to.

Cashouts are available as it’s a Visa card.

How to deposit with EntroPay?

  1. Go to Goliathcasino Cashier.
  2. Click on 'Deposit'.
  3. Click on the Credit/Debit Card button.
  4. Choose “EntroPay” as the card type.
  5. Click on “Create an EntroPay Card now”.
  6. When the EntroPay page appears, click 'Register' and follow the registration process.
  7. When registration is complete you will have an EntroPay VISA Card with the details shown onscreen. Note down all these details (card number, expiry date and CVV2 code) and click the link to return to Cashier.
  8. Enter the amount to deposit and your new EntroPay VISA Card details, then click Deposit.
  9. Good Luck.

You will need your personal credit or debit card to hand, as you will add funds to your new EntroPay VISA Card as part of the registration process.

You will also have to provide some personal information relating to your identity. The information we request is essential to protect you and EntroPay and to satisfy regulations. The information you provide will be held securely and privately.

How do i add funds to my EntroPay VISA Card?

Whenever you need to add more funds to your EntroPay click the "fund your EntroPay card" link on the Cashier. An EntroPay page will appear and you should log in using your EntroPay username and password. Click the 'Transfer Funds' link and follow the on-screen prompts to add more funds from your personal credit or debit card. When you have finished, return to Cashier. The funds you added are now ready to spend by entering your EntroPay VISA Card details on the Cashier.

How Much Can I Deposit with EntroPay card into myGo to Goliathcasino Cashier. Account?

  • Minimum Single deposit: €10

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